EABC Partners

EABC partners with organizations whose objectives are geared towards improving the environment for trade and investment in the EAC and enhancing private sector growth and development. In addition to our Members, or key partners include the following:


East African Community Secretariat – through support to EABC Secretariat and EABC Members to participate in various EAC meetings and fora. Additionally, through provision of the opportunity for private sector to input into the EAC integration process.






African Capacity Building Foundation – through a 4 year program (commencing March 2011) focused on deepening of private sector participation in East Africa’s economic Integration; through strengthening EABC ‘s institutional capacity; providing support for policy studies and business surveys; membership development and information sharing and networking.



TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) – through support towards our institutional strengthening (provision of key staff and systems and processes improvement); and through improved policy advocacy by supporting formation of regional sectoral and issu-based platforms.




GIZ – Under the Support to Private Sector in Africa to fight AIDS (SPAA) program, we work together to support Members and larger private to respond appropriately to the challenge of HIV/AIDS at the Workplace.     Additionally, we are working with GIZ towards a formalised PPD framework at the EAC level.



ILEAP – International Lawyers and Economists Against Poverty (ILEAP) has since 2008 been supporting EABC to develop capacity of EAC private sector to understand and take advantage of Trade-in-Services Negotiations with the European Union in the context of European Partnership Agreement.

ITC’s mission is to enable small business export success in developing and transition-economy countries, by providing, with partners, sustainable and inclusive development solutions to the private sector, trade support institutions andpolicymakers.
EABC works with ITC on a number of capacity building programs and Policy Advocacy Fora


Under our current Strategic Plan, 2011-2015, EABC has the following 5 Key Priorities:  


EABC Institutional Strengthening:  A two pronged approach will be used namely: a) transforming the unique position and mandate the EABC holds into a competitive advantage and b) seeking financial independence for the institution, to reduce dependence on external funding. 


Policy Advocacy:  EABC will seek to enhance its role in driving policy change on issues affecting the business community in the EAC. This will be achieved through evidence based and strong advocacy towards the full implementation of the EAC Customs Union and Common Market Protocols and effective participation in the on-going Tripartite FTA, Monetary Union and EPA Negotiations.


Enhanced Membership Services: EABC will deliver services and products that complement its key role in policy advocacy and which add value to members.


Partnership strengthening:  EABC will strengthen its partnership with its key stakeholders who include the business community, the EAC and all its organs, EABC National Focal Points and development partners.  EABC works to leverage partner synergies to efficiently and effectively fulfill its mandate. 


EABC visibility:  With a view to attracting new members, retaining old members and driving policy advocacy, EABC will seek to ensure its activities receive national, regional and international attention.




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